Structured Settlements

MEDVAL is with you every step of the way.

Structured settlements provide many benefits to both the plaintiff and defense in the settlement of a workers’ compensation claim involving an MSA. MEDVAL’s knowledgeable attorneys and brokers can provide you with the best advice on claims that would benefit from a structured settlement.

MEDVAL’s comprehensive structured settlement services include:

  • Structured Settlement Quotes: Our in-house brokers provide structured settlement quotes within 2 hours of your request, and sooner if needed.
  • Assistance with Mediation or Hearings: MEDVAL attorneys and brokers are available to attend mediations, settlement conferences or hearings in person or by phone nationwide.
  • Access to the Markets: MEDVAL has access to all life insurance companies offering structured settlement products. At the time of settlement, MEDVAL will obtain the best combination of annuity rates and ratings for the desired stream of benefits. Guaranteed.
  • Settlement Document Preparation:We provide settlement documents or provide drafting assistance to local counsel to assure compliance with the life company’s underwriting guidelines, policy requirements, and appropriate tax codes.
  • Knowledge and Experience: MEDVAL’s experienced brokers offer a high degree of expertise in settling workers’ compensation claims. All of our brokers have at least ten years of front-line experience settling claims and are licensed in every jurisdiction in which we provide service.