Secondary Insurance and Clarification of WCMSA Review Thresholds

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on July 11, 2005
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CMS  authored and published a memo for further clarification of common issues and concerns regarding WC MSAs.

This extensive seven page  memo includes information about secondary insurance, effect of an MSA on Medicaid eligibility, and a sample submission of a WCMSA.

Some of the questions and answers discussed include:

May WC settlement funds attributable to future medicals be used prior to Medicare entitlement?

Is there a way to avoid the continuation of indemnity payments while awaiting a CMS determination on a proposed WCMSA?

Am I entitled to a release of my WCMSA funds if I lost my Medicare entitlement?

If I disagree with the amount that CMS has determined for my WCMSA, do I have any recourse?

Read the complete memo/article on this topic .  

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