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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on January 5, 2008
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MEDVAL provides four distinct categories of service to
insurance carriers, attorneys, and injured parties:

Medicare Set-Aside  Arrangements

Nurse case manager review of prior medical care and associated expenses
Projection of future Medicare covered items based on historical data and expected future care (including  prescription medications as of January 1, 2006)
Obtain rated ages and calculate diminished life expectancy
Preparation of comprehensive written report including historical course of treatments and calculations of projected future Medicare covered treatments

Set-Aside Arrangement Submission to CMS

Collection of necessary information and documentation required by CMS
Preparation of written report and trust instruments by a licensed attorney
Submission to CMS for approval

Funding of Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements

Funding with a single fixed premium immediate annuity or structured settlement annuity as necessary

Post-Settlement Administration

Acceptance of Medicare Set-Aside arrangement to be administered in accordance with Medicare guidelines
Communication with the claimant regarding Medicare covered items and procedures
Payment of medical expenses on behalf of the claimant for Medicare covered items
Reduction to state fee schedule prices as appropriate
Annual reporting to CMS on behalf of the claimant
Distribution of monies upon the claimant’s death to their beneficiary or in accordance with applicable reversionary agreements

Medicare Set-Aside Allocation/Arrangement Recommendations
Submissions to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Post-Settlement Administration

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