HEALTH AFFAIRS Report on the Twenty-Four Month Waiting Period for Medicare Benefits

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on March 28, 2008
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A report published in the journal HEALTH AFFAIRS this week focused on the need to provide insurance to disabled persons before they turn 65 years old. Currently, a disabled person must be on SSDI for 24 months before they qualify for Medicare. However, this report revealed that approximately one quarter of disabled workers under 65 are uninsured during that twenty-four month period while they wait for Medicare benefits to kick in.

Employers apparently cover about half of those on SSDI waiting for Medicare benefits. This study is another push for Congress to reconsider the efficacy of the waiting period. Stay tuned for more news on how Congress deals with these recent announcements about Medicare’s future and whether it eliminates or substitutes an alternative to the twenty-four month requirement.

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