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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on April 23, 2008
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MEDVAL is please to announce that our General Counsel, Jennifer C. Jordan, Esq. will be in California presenting her popular CE class “Protecting Medicare’s interests in Insurance Settlements” from May 12th – May 20th.

I.      Introduction

II.     Medicare as Secondary Payer
                A.   The Law
                B.   The Regulations
                        i.   Commutation v. Compromise Settlements
                        ii.  What Does It Mean?
                C.    The Policy
                        i.   Medicare Manuals
                        ii.  Regional Information Letters

III.    Medicare Liens – The Past
                A.    Conditional Payments
                B.    Repayment Required by Statute
                C.    Compromise of Conditional Payments
                D.    Coordination of Benefits Contractor
                E.    Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor

IV.    The New Law –  Medicare, Medicaid & SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 & CFR amendments
                A.    Reporting Requirement (beginning 7/1/99)
                B.    Recommendations for Instituting Policies to Deal with New Law

V.     Medicare Set-Aside Allocations – The Future
                A.    The Patel Memo 
                B.    Entitlement vs. Enrollment 
                C.    The Zero Allocation 
                D.    CMS Review 
                        i.    Review Thresholds 
                        ii.   Reasonable Expectation of Medicare Entitlement 
                E.    Calculating an MSA 
                        i.    Life Expectancy 
                        ii.   Rated Age 
                        iii.  Non-Medicare Covered Items 
                        iv.  Calculation Method 
                        v.   Changes in CMS Policy 
                        vi.   Prescription Drugs 
                        vii.  Present Value 
                        viii. Annuity Funding 
                                a. Structured Settlements
                                b. Single Premium Immediate Annuity
                F.     Submission to CMS 
                G.    CMS Approval 
                H.    Appeal Process 
                I.     Total Depletion of MSA Funds 
                J.     Termination or Reduction of a MSA Account 
                K.    Funds Remaining Upon Death of Claimant
                L.    MSA Administration 
                        i.   Personal Administration 
                        ii.  Professional Trust Administration 
                M.    Medicaid and Other State and Federal Benefits Eligibility 
                N.    Ethical and Legal Considerations for Attorneys
                O.    Legislative Activities

V.     Settlement Tips
                A.    A MSA is not a Life Care Plan
                B.    MSAs will rarely Meet all Future Medical Needs
                C.    Medicare Co-Pays and Deductibles
                D.    Proceeding to Settlement Prior to CMS Approval
                E.    Reconsideration Requests
                F.    Costly and Unnecessary MSA Services
                G.    When CMS Review not Available
                H.    Exceeding CMS Expectations
                I.    MSA Funding Options – different types of annuities
                J.    Disputed Claims and State Law

VI.    Conclusion/Discussion

Email if you are interested in having her present to your firm or organization.

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