Goodbye, Bob Clark

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on May 9, 2008
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After 30 years of government service, Bob Clark of the CMS Philadelphia Regional office has retired. Considering his was one of the more thankless jobs at CMS, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Whenever you called Bob Clark, you had to leave a voicemail which he would diligently return in the order received. Sometimes that meant two or more weeks. We can only imagine how many people were calling him to squabble about their Medicare Set-Aside allocations (MSAs), complain about the lengthy approval process or just looking for an answer from a real live person.

Despite all of that, we will miss Bob. He was a guy known for being reasonable even in the face of unreasonable policy. And although he would not often overturn decisions made by the WCRC, he would make an effort to understand the issues, explain the rationale, and intervene when appropriate.

Today, Mr. Bob Clark is at a Pinball convention doing what retirees do, indulging the interests that seem to take a backseat when faced with day-to-day work responsibilities. The picture on this post is a Bob Clark original, he is also quite an accomplished photographer.

Thanks for your efforts, Bob, and we will always remember your saying that never failed to get a laugh at one of your outreach speaking engagements. Your parting gift to us was appropriateā€¦

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