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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on June 4, 2008
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MEDVAL believes that concern for the environmental impact of business decisions is a core responsibility of any company. While we have long prided ourselves on the ability to reduce waste and stay on the cutting edge of environmental protection, we strive to improve these efforts whenever and wherever possible. 
To that end, MEDVAL has issued the following policy which has been updated to reflect our current commitment to this cause:
• We will be a net producer of energy at our corporate headquarters by utilizing appropriate conservation measures and investment in electric producing photovoltaic systems;
• We encourage all of our employees to telecommute thereby reducing carbon emissions, highway gridlock, consumption of fossil fuels, and dependence on foreign oil;
• We will reimburse the costs incurred for any employee who chooses to take public transportation to and from work or business meetings;
• All corporate vehicles owned and for hire will be rated for a minimum of 25 MPG HWY;
• MEDVAL will be a completely paperless office and invest in the technologies that make this possible;
• All office equipment and appliances used in the course of business will be energy star compliant; and
• All materials consumed during the course of business that can be recycled will be recycled.
Being environmentally responsible is not only a social responsibility, it is good for business. It is MEDVAL’s policy to lead from the front with respect to business practices that, if widely adopted, would greatly enhance the sustainability of our environment and produce positive quality of life outcomes for our employees.

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