How to Explain a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement to a Claimant or Plaintiff

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on June 11, 2008
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The Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) process is complicated and unfamiliar to most claimants and plaintiffs and we at MEDVAL have noticed an influx of questions about how to best explain the need for and purpose of an MSA to someone who does not work in the legal or insurance field, i.e. your injured worker/person. As inquiries continue to come in, we have compiled a list of FAQs to assist attorneys and adjusters when explaining the MSA process. The following are some of the most common and complicated questions to address:

My attorney says I need to have a Medicare Set-Aside allocation in order for my settlement to be finalized. Is that true?
Is every Medicare-eligible person (or persons who will become within 30 months) required to have an MSA prepared prior to settlement?
Who prepares an MSA? How will they know what to include?
Can my claim be settled before CMS reviews my MSA?
What if I use more money for Medicare-covered medical expenses than my MSA provided? Will I lose any medical care?
If I don’t use all of the money in the MSA account, do I get it back?
What happens if I don’t have an MSA prepared?

Do you have questions about how best to explain the MSA process to a claimant or plaintiff? If so, send them to Ask Jen. 

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