NAMSAP – One reason MEDVAL does not belong

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on July 30, 2008
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Recently a reporter from the Pittsburgh Business Journal contacted Rob Lewis, Esq., the current President of the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals. The purpose of his call was to obtain a quote relating to the Medicare Set-Aside industry although the article was principally about MEDVAL and our expansion into the Pittsburgh market. This article was reprinted nationally in several other Business Journal Publications and provided a good overview of the MSA market.

Instead of taking the opportunity to advance the interests of our industry and to properly represent the members of NAMSAP, Mr. Lewis declined to comment because, and we are paraphrasing some here, “they are my competitors, why should I give you a quote?”

Rob, you should have given a quote because you are the President of a trade association that claims to represent the Medicare Set-Aside Industry. You should have given a quote because it is the classy thing to do. We are sure the members of NAMSAP are not paying their dues so you can advance your own firm’s interests when contacted as President of the Association. 

The reason MEDVAL does not belong to NAMSAP?
Because NAMSAP is an organization founded for the primary purpose of advancing the founding members private business interests. The sum total of this organization’s contribution to the Medicare Set-Aside industry was to write a complaint letter to CMS about the WCRC’s lack of uniform review standards (although there was an entertaining email circulating on the NAMSAP listserv where Henry Kohnlein disparaged a “continuing education” webinar offered by Rob Lewis’s firm and got the smack down from John Williams-Lamb in front of the whole membership. That was almost worth the $175 membership fee). Particularly impressive are the 10, count them 10, articles posted on the website about Medicare Set-Asides, the most recent of which was written in 2006.

NAMSAP needs to decide if it exists to advance the cause of Medicare Set-Asides, its membership, and our respective client’s interests or if it is just a forum to let the self-appointed “industry leaders/experts” shamelessly promote their own firm’s interests.

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