President-Elect Obama to Nominate Senator Daschle as Secretary of HHS

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on December 12, 2008
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Today, President-Elect
Obama officially announced in a press conference
that he has chosen former Senator Tom Daschle to serve as the Secretary of
the Department of Health and Human Services and also named him the Director of
a new White House Office on Health Care Reform. 

This new White House
office is expected to coordinate efforts with an Obama Administration and
Congress to pass health care reform.  In making the announcement,
President-Elect Obama described former Senator Daschle as “one of America’s
foremost health care experts” and reported that he would be the “lead
architect” of any health care reform plan.   




Thanks to Michael Apolskis,
an attorney working with health care providers, suppliers and companies on a
variety of legal and regulatory matters, including Medicare compliance,
reimbursement and enforcement matters. His article was posted December 11, 2008 in Medicare Legislation

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