CMS Issues News Update regarding New Rated Age Policy

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on December 18, 2008
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** Alert December 5, 2008 **
For Cases with Rated Ages!

Cases that close for insufficient information, withdrawal, or some other
reason will automatically reopen when new information is received. Such cases
are considered new WCMSA submissions as of the date the new information is
received. (See CMS Memorandum dated July 24, 2006, Question and Answer 4.)
Submitters should be aware that the new rules announced in the CMS August 25, 2008 memorandum – including the requirement for a statement that all rated ages
obtained on the claimant have been included – will apply to cases reopened
October 1, 2008 or later. Therefore, submitters of cases with rated ages may
wish to consider including the required statement, where applicable, in all
correspondence sent in response to CMS development requests, to avoid an
unintended application of the new rated age rules and the use of actual age in
cases closed before the development reply was received.


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