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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on March 17, 2009
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Do you have a water bottle or glass of ice water sitting on
your desk right now?  Did you know that
there still are millions of people in villages throughout the world that don’t
have access to even a small cup of clean drinking water which leaves many suffering
unnecessarily from various illnesses and diseases?  We have become aware of and are proud to
support an organization called Wells for Life that dedicates itself solely to
providing clean and safe drinking water to rural villages in India.  Wells for Life was started by a former claims
professional who left his insurance career to focus his life’s work on
providing a healthier life for those living in rural and underdeveloped areas
throughout southern India.  In 2007, Wells for Life was able to fund 52
separate projects ranging from small hand pump wells for rural villages to
larger systems which provide water for schools and orphanages.  Despite the economic hardships faced by most
people in 2008, Wells for Life was still able to fund 54 projects thanks to the
generosity of many individuals and organizations.   For about the cost of one Medicare Set-Aside
allocation report, a well can be constructed which will provide fresh clean
water to an entire village of 300 people. 
We encourage you to learn more about the difference Wells for Life is
making in southern India.  For more information, please visit
www.wellsforlife.org .



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