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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on September 2, 2009
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CorVel– MSA Compliance

MSA Set Asides laws change in 2009.

Stay compliant with new regulations     



You have to wonder what client in their right mind would use a company that posts the above ad on google advertising their expertise when searching for the terms “liability MSA“. First, there is no such thing as “MSA Compliance“. It is MSP Compliance as in Medicare Secondary Payer compliance.


Second, what in the world are MSA Set Asides laws? If you spell out the acronym out it reads “Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement Set Asides laws”. There are no laws specifically addressing Medicare Set-Aside arrangements so I cannot imagine what has changed.


If they are referring to the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act,  Section 111 reporting requirement, it changed (or more accurately became law) in 2007 and not 2009. Actual reporting does not happen until2010. Furthermore it has nothing to do with “MSA Set Asides”


Finally, MMSEA Section111 is not a regulation. It a Federal Statute (also known as the law) and must be followed to the letter to avoid severe penalties.


Generally companies without much subject matter expertise at least had good marketing. This ad manages to make four substantive misstatements in only three lines of text. I can only imagine what one of their “MSA Medicare Set-Asides” looks like. This is a harbinger of events to come for the liability insurance industry. A lot of companies have hung a shingle and claim to be MSA experts.Only a handful can really deliver results.


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