CMS teleconference 9.29.09- Secure Internet Web-based Portal for WCMSA submissions

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on September 29, 2009
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CMS updated the insurance industry on their MMSEA Section 111 reporting requirement today. MEDVAL was in attendance and has provided a summary of the call for your convenience:


On this date, CMS’ Frank Johnson held a teleconference regarding a secure internet web-based portal for WCMSA submissions. The teleconference was limited to an overview of CMS’ plans for the web-based portal and a short question and answer session. Mr. Johnson indicated the estimated implementation date is early to mid-2011.


Some of the anticipated benefits Mr. Johnson outlined include making it easier for workers’ compensation submitters to submit WCMSAs and accompanying documentation, streamlining the process, making it easier to get documentation/information to and from CMS, allowing for quicker creation of submissions, shortening response time to development requests, and getting real time feedback on pending cases. Mr. Johnson went on to say that they envision this portal having the capability to facilitate tracking of the WCMSA review online rather than calling in to the WC review center or CMS regional office. They would like to implement limited reporting capabilities, allowing submitters to export data to Excel, as well as sending email notifications rather than mailing acknowledgement, development and approval letters.


At this time, the anticipated equipment needed is access to the internet, a web browser and a scanner. Mr. Johnson indicated that there will be a registration process and that each submitter will be issued a user ID and password. At this time, only the submitter will have access to the information but it is possible for other parties to the case (attorneys, claimants, adjusters) to have limited access should they register themselves. CMS will offer a user guide as well as computer-based training and tech support. Future postings/teleconferences will be forthcoming from CMS during this process. It is also anticipated that during the testing phase, CMS will solicit volunteers from current submitters to test the new portal.


During the question and answer session, the following were asked and answered:

Will there be user fees?


Once the portal is up, will it be a requirement to submit electronically?

No, CMS will be running two parallel systems: the new web-based portal and the system currently in place through the US Mail.

If there is an approval with an error, such as a math error, will submitters be able to communicate that with the regional office online?


Will submitters be able to submit liability MSAs?

No, this only covers WC MSAs.

Will submitters be able to get information regarding conditional payments on this portal?

No, the MSPRC has its own process in place.

Will there be a template when submitting an MSA?

Yes, there will be specific fields to enter and prompts to follow. It will be important to have the correct HICN or SSN to ensure the case is set up properly.

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