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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on November 20, 2009
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And the best part is you do not need to be terribly qualified. You just need to have a GED, two years of work experience and only make mistakes in 20% of your cases (what else could 80% accuracy mean?).


HIG Capital has reportedly been spending some serious capital upgrading the badly floundering PMSI. But clearly they are not at all interested in investing in the human capital required to produce a top notch Medicare Set-Aside product.


For a company that has been in the MSA business for a pretty long time, it is hard to believe they still don’t get it. Read their job description and then compare it to MEDVAL’s newest “MSA Specialist I”.



MSA Specialist I:

 Responsible for the production of Medicare Set Aside Allocations.


Basic Functions:

Reviews and analyzes medical records and Medicare payout information to determine an appropriate Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Allocation for recommendation to clients.

Conducts research on Medicare expenses allowed in appropriate state for workers’ compensation and keeps abreast of all changes in law and Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services guidelines.

According to PMSI MSA Services guidelines, writes the MSA report, calculates financial grid for injury- and non-injury-related medical expenses and coordinates with PMSI for related pharmaceutical costs.

Works with claim adjusters to obtain clarification on outstanding issues for MSA.

Works with claim adjusters and attorneys in negotiating and defending recommended allocations as necessary.

Works with Case Management Specialists in coordinating daily work deadlines per PMSI MSA Services’ production standards.

Maintains level of 80 percent accuracy in monthly quality control evaluation.

According to PMSI MSA Services guidelines, maintains a minimum production level of 25 Medicare Set-Aside allocations per month.


Job Qualifications:


Required: High School Education

Desired: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Insurance, Bachelor’s of Science or equivalent experience

Work Experience:

Required: Minimum of two years workers’ compensation or liability claims experience or RN with case management and workers’ compensation or liability claims experience.


Desired:  RN, CLCP, MSCC

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MEDVAL’s newest team member:



Practicing Attorney, Civil Litigation (21 years)

Licensed Registered Nurse (21 years)

Captain, United States Army Reserve (8 years)

BSN Nursing – University of Pittsburgh

Juris Doctor – Duquesne University



Who would you rather have doing your MSAs?



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