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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on May 14, 2010
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CMS Releases new Memo

In keeping with MEDVAL’s policy of not releasing frantic blast emails and instant analysis whenever CMS decides to issue a new WCMSA memo, we are going to post it here for safekeeping.

CMS MEMO 5-14-2010 

After we have a chance to analyze the information and consider the theoretical and practical implications, we will post our thoughts for anyone that cares.

Ok, a little instant analysis for those that simply cannot wait.

1. This will reduce MSA amount. By how much we do not know just yet
2. It will reduce settlement amounts on excludable drugs since they can use other pricing methodologies and/or durations
3. The rated age portion proves once again that CMS has no idea what a rated age is or isn’t
4. Expect a bevy of blast emails from MSA industry “insiders” who claim to have been the cause of new memo based on “working” with CMS