Liability MSAs

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on July 19, 2010
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There finally seems to be some recognition in the MSA industry that a liability MSA (now formally called a LMSA by CMS) is not the same as a WCMSA. That is good news for insurers, claimants and the attorneys that represent them. LMSAs should be much more reasonable than their WCMSA counterparts. At least until CMS hires a counterpart to the WCRC.

It is bad news for the WCMSA assembly lines that have made a good living cranking out WCMSAs. Liability claims require a different mindset than workers’ compensation claims. MSP compliance for liability claims is a totally different process altogether. LMSAs are but one part of a three legged stool.

There are about 20 unique data points to consider when deciding what type of MSP compliance is appropriate on a liability claim. Interested in learning more? Be on the lookout for our teleconference addressing the subject.  Details will be announced in the news section of .