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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on August 4, 2010
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Dear NAMSAP Members:

NAMSAP was created to help individuals and organizations address claims impacted by the Medicare Secondary Payer statute (MSP).  Our mission is to foster the highest standards of integrity and competence among Medicare Set-Aside professionals and those they serve.  Our purpose is to develop standards and define best practices for the industry, promote a multidisciplinary approach to the Medicare Set-Aside practice, provide a forum for learning and shared knowledge between all associated disciplines, provide a unified voice to affect change and improve the Medicare Set-Aside process, and to protect the interests of all parties in settlements involving Medicare Set-Aside related issues.

At our inception we determined that we were an educational organization and not a certification body and we have kept that promise.  At this point in time NAMSAP’s educational programs are pre-approved by the International Commission for Healthcare Certification (ICHCC) for those interested in obtaining or renewing their MSCC credential.  ICHCC is a separate certifying body which offers the MSCC credential. ICHCC has pre-approved our training program for the past five years and there is no indication that our relationship with them has, or will change.  We will continue to foster our relationship with ICHCC as one of a provider of education.

As you have certainly noticed on our List Serve – The Louisiana Association of Self Insured Employers (LASIE) has recently developed a new certification program. LASIE has been training and credentialing insurance professionals for approximately twenty years and have created the “Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Program” and credentials.  As with ICHCC, we will be submitting NAMSAP’s educational program to LASIE for review for consideration of receiving pre-approval status for those interested in obtaining and/or renewing their credential through LASIE’s program.

We are not endorsing either program. It is our member’s choice if they want certification, and where to obtain it. Over the past five years NAMSAP has hosted and supported a variety of programs that expand the knowledge base of the professionals in our group. We have never endorsed any organization, certifying body or vendor; and continue that practice.   Most of the members of our Board of Directors speak on a repeated basis to a wide range of groups.  As members of the Board of Directors we take seriously the stated NAMSAP mission of professional education.   That being said, the Board of Directors have met and discussed the issues and concerns raised on the NAMSAP listserv this past month and after much discussion we have concluded that a conflict of interest does not exist should our board members chose to participate in the new LASIE program. Members of the Board of Directors will continue to promote our mission of education, which may include speaking at seminars and programs around the country.

Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact us directly.

NAMSAP Board of Directors

Comment: I agree that no conflict exists for those who wish to particpate as presenters of this program, NAMSAP Board member or not. I still question the value of the program relative to other offerings. However, I am a believer in free markets so if this upstart program can successfully challenge the status quo then then let them succeed or fail on their merits. Based on the “faculty” I would not send any of our employees to the program nor would I hire anyone based on obtaining the certification. But that holds true for the MSCC as well so from my perspective it is a moot point.