Should I be worried?

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on August 23, 2010
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For the second time in as many weeks, an MSA Company President has been shown the door by his corporate overseers. “Clark” Kent Takemoto, MD is no longer with PMSI as of last Friday. The internal PMSI memo “keeping you informed” confirms that Mr. Takemoto no longer works at PMSI and has left to pursue “other entrepreneurial activities”.

The back-story is that Takemoto, MD and Jim Malloy were brought in by HIG capital prior to the current CEO of PMSI, Eileen Auen. Industry insiders report there was much tension between the two and it looks like the CEO won the day. The decision to replace Takemoto, MD was made prior to the recent FWCP conference in Orlando, which explains his absence from the show. No word on the fate of long time sidekick Jim Molloy, although I did see him milling about in Orlando.

With Takemoto, MD gone, PMSI Settlement Solutions is looking for its fourth leader in three years. Is there anyone that wants the job?  It a high risk, high reward position just waiting for the right free agent.