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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on November 10, 2010
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I asked one of our staff to call all of the regional offices and compile a contact list, LMSA reviewers name and their thresholds for reviewing LMSAs. Attached is a list that some may find helpful. As with all things CMS, this list is accurate as of today but beware of unannounced changes.

I would be cautious about automatically submitting LMSAs since there are no real approval guidelines and no assurance that Medicare will accept primary payment responsibility if and when the MSA is exhausted. So unlike WCMSAs you might get the stick of a higher MSA approval without the carrot of assurance your obligation under the MSP has been severed.

Let’s hope the liability industry does not embrace CMS approval like their counterparts in WC. But early indications show most clients make no distinction.