PMSI Hires new head of Ancillary Services Division

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on January 14, 2011
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an•cil•lar•y  (ns-lr)adj.

1. Of secondary importance: “For Degas, sculpture was never more than ancillary to his painting” (Herbert Read).

PMSI announced today the hiring of Pat Sullivan as chief of its ancillary services division. In this role, he will head home health care, critical care,durable medical equipment and settlement solutions businesses. See the full press release here.

What I find interesting about this appointment is that CEO Eileen Auen has decided that the MSA division is of secondary importance and not worthy of dedicated leadership within PMSI. Since the departure of Takemoto, MD, the Settlement Solutions division has been run by committee and with this appointment, very little will change. Installing a new division chief without any requisite MSP experience might fill a hole on the PMSI org chart, but is not likely to restore PMSI/Health Advocates to its former glory as the #2 provider of MSA services in the country.

I interpret this move as CEO Auen attempting to run out the clock while a suitable purchaser is found. Although PMSI has denied takeover rumors in the past, I believe HIG Capital would like nothing better than to exit this investment via strategic purchase in the very near future.

At MEDVAL your business is not ancillary to us. MSP compliance is our specialty.

spe•cial•ty (spshl-t)
n. pl. spe•cial•ties
1. A special pursuit, occupation, aptitude, or skill. See Synonyms at forte1.
2. The state or quality of being special or distinctive.
3. An item or a product of a distinctive kind or of particular superiority: French pastry is the chef’s specialty