T. Gordon Lamb affiliates with Brown & Brown subsidiary Protocols, LLC

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on March 2, 2011
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Industry sources report that former Gould & Lamb Director of Compliance, T. Gordon Lamb, has resurfaced in a business development role with Brown & Brown subsidiary Protocols, LLC.  While I can find no press release or website update from either Brown & Brown or Protocols confirming a business relationship, several clients have reported being contacted by Mr. Lamb on behalf of the firm. With Protocols recent sale to Brown & Brown and the sudden departure of long-time VP of business development Henry Kohnlein, T. Gordon appears to be the new face of Protocols within the MSP compliance industry.

As a not that interesting aside, T. Gordon Lamb is the brother of Gould & Lamb founder Jan Gould. He is also the uncle of former CEO John Williams. He held the position of Director of Compliance for Gould & Lamb from mid 2005 until the management shake-up by ABRY Partners last year.

UPDATE 03/03/2010 – Robert Sagrillo, President of Protocols, reached out to me via email last night to correct what he termed misstatements with the original post. First, Protocols is no longer an LLC after the sale to B&B,  which I guess is sort of obvious from a business organization standpoint. Second, Bob did confirm that T. Gordon Lamb’s “company” has been retained to provide business development consulting services. However, he was sure to emphasize that T. Gordon was not an employee or the “new face” of Protocols.

Update #2 – Who knew such an innocuous announcement could contain so much need for clarification. I received a phone call today from none other than T. Gordon Lamb himself. He would like to add his two cents to my post by clarifying that he is NOT calling on any Gould and Lamb clients (which was never my intention to infer since the clients he did call do business with MEDVAL and/or someone other than G&L).  He also wanted to let me know that he was not the Director of Compliance for Gould and Lamb but rather the Senior Compliance Officer. Ok, fine.

But most importantly he wanted to thank me for the free advertising. Since no one ever calls to thank me for my blog posts, I will do him one better and pass along his contact info for those of you searching long and hard for him. T. Gordon can be reached at 717-919-7043 and/or 720-274-1613.

That’s it. No more clarifications or updates. If you have any questions email/call T. Gordon Lamb or Robert Sagrillo or really anyone but me. This story has gone to press and we are on to the next topic.