WCRC Contract FINALLY Awarded

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on June 24, 2011
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After several extension of the long-ago expired contract, the new WCRC contract was awarded yesterday to Provider Resources, Inc. of Erie, PA. The contract award dollar amount is $5,124,084, with $1,241,466 attributed to transition, for a performance period of July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. Place of performance is listed primarily as Erie, PA with a subcontractor facility in Richmond, VA.


Provider Resources, Inc. appears to have considerable experience with both workers’ compensation and Medicare. In addition to claim reviews for the OWCP, PRI had also worked with the Medicare Zone Integrity Contractors program and has served as the RAC Validation Contractor. All in all, it appears that PRI has experience with clinical review of medical records, coupled with expert understanding of medical coding and billing requirements, physician-level quality assurance of these reviews and a long standing relationship with CMS and the Medicare program in general. While anything would be an improvement over our current WCRC situation, this has potential.


As we welcome Shawn Keough-Hartz to the show, we say good-bye to Pat R. and Michael B. Wish I could say it’s been a fun 5 years but we certainly wish you well in your future endeavors. To Ms. Keogh-Hartz, sadly we ask if you have any idea of what you just got yourself into…


Contract award notice, statement of work and all RFP documentation can be found at: