CMSP Designation – Worth $1,000 and a weekend of your time?

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on June 29, 2011
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If you recall, I was very critical of the new Certified Medicare Secondary Payer (CMSP) designation when it first hit the MSP scene in the summer of 2010. See New “Professional” Designation here.

I am upgrading my commentary from highly critical to moderately skeptical in anticipation of the upcoming seminar in Baltimore August 5th through the 7th. No way am I traveling anywhere for this class, but since they are kindly supporting my local economy and holding it in my backyard, I decided it would be un-Maryland not to attend.

Several of the issues that led to my earlier diatribe have been remedied by the sponsors, namely the lack of any pre-requisites or experience requirements. While the pre-requisites are still pretty watered down, they have at least made an attempt to screen would be CMSPs on the basis of experience and prior training. The faculty now seems more robust so I will wait to pass judgment on their skills as educators and experts until after the seminar. The designation’s affiliation with LASIE is also a positive development.

In the interest of a fair and educated evaluation between the CMSP and MSCC designation, I am going to attend the Baltimore seminar with MEDVAL’s general counsel, Jennifer Jordan, and one of our newer attorneys, Zach Worshtil. Plus one of our clients that really knows her stuff will be in attendance (would be MSA suitors leave her alone!).  I think it will be interesting to get multiple perspectives and reviews from an educated client, a newer MSA writer, a businessperson with a lot of big picture MSP experience but limited medical knowledge and one of the top MSP experts in the country.

Findings will be published on the blog sometime shortly after the seminar and certification exam. Later in the year, I will also complete the MSCC designation and offer a fair comparison between the two. Unless you are one of those types that likes dozens of letters behind your name, there probably isn’t any reason to take both. So hopefully, if you are deciding between the CMSP and MSCC, I can offer my perspective on which one is better preparation/continuing education for an exciting career in the MSP industry.