MSPRC adds new phone feature!!

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on September 27, 2011
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In an announcement I consider somewhat underwhelming, the MSPRC has added a new phone feature to make their process more user friendly.  See announcement below and note the exclamation points are theirs and not mine.

The MSPRC is process of adding a new feature to the current Customer Service Line: The Self Service Information Feature. This new automated feature will give callers the ability to get the most up-to-date Demand/Conditional Payment amounts and the dates those letters were issued without having to speak with a Customer Service Representative!  The Self-Service Feature will be a convenient way for callers to receive accurate and consistent case information while saving time! Some additional benefits of this new feature include:

Extended Calling Hours – The Self-Service Feature will be made available for additional hours outside of the MSPRC Hours of Operation!

Shorter Wait Time – By using the Self-Service Information Feature, callers will no longer have to experience the wait time associated with speaking to a Customer Service Representative!

Unlimited number of cases inquiries on one phone call – After receiving information on a case through the Self-Service Information Feature, callers are given the option of checking multiple cases on that same call!

The Self-Service Information Feature is scheduled to go live September 30, 2011! Stay tuned for more information regarding this new feature!

Commentary: They sure seem super excited about this new feature! But the delay in conditional payment inquiries is not finding out amounts owed or claimed once a letter is issued. It is the six months of waiting for said letter to be generated. And without the associated payment record, what use is there in knowing the amount of a conditional payment when the real amount could, and probably will, be thousands less?

While I appreciate the effort to improve their process, I can’t help but think they probably should have tackled some bigger issues first.