PMSI Hiring

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on October 19, 2011
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PMSI is looking for a General Manager of their Settlement Solutions unit via the PMSI linked-in page. I do not believe that there is anyone in the country that exactly fits their desired hiring criteria (well there is one person) but there are probably some acceptable candidates floating around the industry.


I would caution the applicant that PMSI is looking for “aggressive growth” from whomever they hire which is probably not a realistic expectation given the inherited legacy and the state of the industry today. Nonetheless, putting a dedicated person in charge of MSAs is a move they should have made a year ago. No disrespect to Pat Sullivan, but this business doesn’t lend itself to an ancillary focus.


Personally, I vote for the return of June Simpson. If she is unavailable due to orchid harvesting season, then John Williams has my support.  


See job posting here.