MSP free agents switching teams

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on November 16, 2011
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Mark Popolizio has left NuQuest/Bridgepoint and accepted a position as Senior Section 111 Counsel for Crowe Paradis Services Corporation.

Comment: This is a major hit for NQBP. Mark has been a one man evangelist for that company for many years and is well respected in the MSP industry.  I guess the 360 days of travel per year finally caught up with him and he decided the upside at NQBP just wasn’t worth the trouble. I think his new title as Senior Section 111 counsel is mostly smoke and mirrors.  I suspect that CPSC is redshirting Mark under the guise of helping with Section 111 reporting and the real purpose of his move will be to attract NQBP clients to Crowe once his non-compete expires. In the meantime, Mark substantially deepens the Crowe Paradis technical bench.

Bob Barson is now with Rising Medical Solutions

Comment: Bob Barson’s company, InTrust, was the subject of a buyout by Rising Medical. I expect that Bob is being kept on a short leash by Rising Medical and is just hanging around to get an earn-out if things pan out.

Rafael Gonzales is out at The Center for Medicare Set Aside Administration and The Center for Lien Resolution and is now with Gould and Lamb.

Comment: No comment
Actually one small item for my Christmas wish list. Please, no more news over seven days old in the social media outlets.

Tom Blackwell out at Gould and Lamb

Comment: Tom is now listed as an independent sales professional on his linked-in page. Word from those in the know is that he is a great account manager but could not close enough new business for G&L to satisfy their private equity investors (remember that ABRY Partners bought them with the expectation that they would grow the business from $30M to 90M in five years.) This should not reflect poorly on Tom who, in my opinion, had one of the best reputations of any G&L employee from the John Williams era. After all, I couldn’t sell bottled spring water from the Fukushima nuclear plant either. Besides, doesn’t G&L already have every domestic and international company anyway? They need to focus on keeping the clients that have rather than hard selling new ones.

Note: Don’t expect Tom to surface in the MSP industry anytime soon. Yet another victim of the G&L non-compete.

Dwain Johnson leaves Crowe Paradis for the glamorous world of transportation and translation

Comment: Dwain Johnson, former regional manager for Crowe moved to greener pastures and is now working for Sal Alvarez as a regional sales executive at 3i Corp. The move was unexpected by CPSC management and may be indicative of issues resulting from the recent sale to Verisk Analytics. Good move for Dwain. 3i Corp is still privately held and quickly growing so there is probably a much better upside than with Verisk/CPSC.

Jake Reason leaves CompPartners to start a new MSA program for EK Health

Comment: I think Jake made a strategic misstep in deciding to “build” a program for EK Health. The world is replete with MSP providers that bring a lot more to the table then a fledgling program would be able to. Did you see the press release they put out? Hardly inspirational. It could have just said ‘we want to make money from MSAs too!’


Correction:  My apologies to Jim Molloy of PMSI. In a prior article, I misspelled his name as Jim Malloy.  Hey, in the MSA game details count.