Top 10 MSP-Related Events of 2011 – Number 9

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on January 5, 2012
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WCMSA Web Portal


CMS is finally taking CMS submissions electronically and the overwhelming response is “it’s about time.” While CMS does receive some paper submissions, MSA vendors send the majority of files electronically and have done so for many years now; however, the files all went to a post office box in Detroit where a contractor existed for the sole purpose of receiving MSP-related mail – so someone still had to copy the files from CD-ROM to the CMS servers. Well, no more. With web submissions, we cut out that contractor and, hopefully, cut the review program down by a few days. The COBC’s job at the next step, doubling checking for completeness, should be greatly reduced as well, meaning that cases should get into the hands of the WCRC faster where the review actually takes place. Over the past year, several MSA companies participated in a trial of the portal, which prioritized these cases and turned around approvals in less than a week. Some industries players began using this as a marketing tool to lure new clients. Knowing CMS as we do, we were highly suspicious that this would not last for long and, true to form, when the portal opened to all comers, the review times extended back to the multi-month turnaround. At least we can hope this will speed things up somewhat and that CMS will continue to look for ways to get the MSAs reviewed in a more timely manner.