Top 10 MSP-Related Events of 2011 – Number 8

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on January 6, 2012
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WCRC Contract Delays

It’s only fitting that the WCRC contract delays make the next spot on the list. To compound all of the already existing inefficiencies baked into the WCMSA review process, 2011 was riddled with contractor drama. As you may be aware, the WCRC contract was involved in a re-compete and awarded to Provider Resources, Inc. in June 2011. The award was immediately followed by a bid protest that was dismissed by the GAO in August, yet there was no evidence of the $1.5M transmission starting. The original WCRC contractor has been, and continues to be, operating under contract extensions with no real incentive to excel as they were rumored to not be eligible for the re-compete anyway. On September 27th, the original bidders were notified that a FAR 52.233-3 “Protest After Award” was filed with the GAO, a stay of contract was issued, all proposals would be re-reviewed, and corrective action would be completed no later than November 10, 2011. So here we are with no evidence that the new contract is underway, the turnaround time and back log of cases are steadily increasing, and generally there seems to be no promising outlook for 2012. Even if the contract is issued tomorrow, it will take the new contractor time to get up to speed and become effective. Not to mention, the new contract does not address the existing back log which is assumed to remain with the outgoing contractor until completed. Numbers 9 and 10 show the only hope of improvement for 2012, as fewer submissions and more efficient processing are the best shot at having cases approved faster. Now if only I can convince more of you to forego the process all together…