Medicare Set-Aside Blog on February 16, 2012
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Every year it feels like October 1 will be dooms day for one reason or another when it comes to our dealings with CMS. For the past several, it has been TPOC reporting and due to several implementation delays, we’ve been enjoying that one over and over again. Next year was going to be fun as it was slated to the implementation date for ICD-10 medical billing codes. You may recall in a previous post last September, we reported that the ICD-10 includes 140,000 codes compared to the 18,000 under ICD-9. With MMSEA reporting just finally coming on line in some liability scenarios, it seemed almost unfair to change the rules of the game so soon. Well obviously Secretary Sebelius feels our pain as she announced today that HHS will initiate a process to postpone the ICD-10 implementation date. The date has not been determined but hopefully it will provide adequate time for RRE’s to make the necessary adjustments to their reporting systems and send their ARs out for medical billing certification because it looks like they just may need it.