Kentucky Pill Mill Legislation Approved by House

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on March 9, 2012
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While not a huge fan of Kentucky’s efforts to require CMS approval of WCMSAs when available (well actually the legislation still states “unless the settlement is approved by the federal Medicare Secondary Payer Act”, whoever that is and why not just the allocation given it is the state’s duty to approve the settlement, but I digress), I have to applaud the efforts they are making in controlling the pill mills in its state. The legislation requires electronic monitoring of pain medications by the state’s Attorney General through the state’s electronic controlled substance monitoring system known as KASPER. Licensed practitioners would be expected to check KASPER when they prescribe or dispense drugs and failure to submit data to KASPER within a timely fashion would carry penalties. The legislation would also require that pain management clinics be owned and licensed by a physician or nurse practitioner who is licensed to practice medicine and prescribe controlled substances in Kentucky and in-office dispensing would be limited to a two-day supply.

Sounds like a sensible plan that I hope other states may follow.

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