Gould and Lamb acquires Express MSA?

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on April 9, 2012
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I heard today that Gould and Lamb has acquired the MSA arm of Express Scripts. Express Scripts got into the MSA game a few years back when they acquired MSC and inherited Speedy MSA as part of the deal. Speedy/Express Scripts main claim to fame was pioneering the two day turnaround on MSA files, which in my opinion was not a good thing. Incentivizing speed must come at the expense of quality, and what you end up, to use a pertinent analogy from the technology/hair care business, is Bill Gates’ haircut. But apparently some clients liked it or their wouldn’t be much for G&L to acquire.

Express Scripts like so many PBM’s before them took a shot at the MSA business by banking that they could leverage their PBM relationships and sales/marketing prowess into MSA referrals. Many of our clients use Express Scripts as their PBM (which I consider to be among the best in the business). But annoyingly, every time one of our clients would request an Rx payment history to complete an MSA, the request was filled with a reminder that Express MSA could complete the Rx history and the MSA themselves. They haven’t been doing that for awhile, at least not on our cases.

I have not seen a website update, blog post or press release from either Gould and Lamb and/or Express Scripts announcing this acquistion. I received no phone or email confirmation from either company regarding this rumor mainly because I didn’t ask for one. However, I am sure if I got this wrong I will hear about it in short order and will be happy to add any details these companies wish to share to the original post.

In the new GAO report, the top 10 submitters of MSAs have a 80% market share. Looks like another also ran has thrown in the towel and G&L is adding to their market share. I suspect any acquisition or strategic partnership would include cooperation and some sales support from Express Scripts for a period of time. I wonder if their recent relationship with MyMatrixx to perform DURs will or has been affected by this alleged deal.



Update: Looks like I was a little late to the party on this story. I guess that’s what I get for skipping the Spring NAMSAP conference and going to Disney World for Spring Break instead of attending to my MSP journalist duties. Story is confirmed at http://www.express-scripts.com/services/workerscompensation/msa/. This deal closed the second week of March and it looks like I was the last to know. Medicare Set-Aside Blog FAIL.