Legit workers’ compensation claim

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on May 9, 2012
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Here is a work comp story you don’t want to miss coming out of the always bizarre state of New Jersey.

Man jumps into vat of acid to save co-worker

The best part of the article comes from another co-worker who is quoted as saying “its not that kind of acid. It’s diluted. He’s going to be fine”.

That is exactly the kind of can do, get back to work mentality I like to see. Of course he isn’t the one that fell into the vat of acid or even the brave if not somewhat impulsive soul that heroically jumped in to save his co-worker. The article describes him simply “as co-worker that returned to the factory to collect the injured worker’s things”. I think we can all reasonably conclude that he must be the insured’s in-house risk manager.

And the comment from Yahoo user “The Rational Party” is priceless – “Follow-up article: Work Comp carrier denies coverage for man who saved co-worker. Work Comp excludes voluntary personal injury”.