The New A in LMSAA

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on June 1, 2012
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At one point or another, everyone has questioned where the other M in CMS went [admit it, you know you have]. Along those same lines, people are not entirely sure what the A in MSA stands for: Is it Aside or Arrangement or maybe even Allocation? Well, it looks like that one may be answered very soon. As you all know by now, CMS is proposing official rules about “future medicals” [if not, see this], although we still have no idea what those might entail as they continue to be stuck in an EO12866 review. But one thing that I do know is that until they officially define what an MSA is, they can’t really regulate it. Unfortunately for CMS, the acronym MSA is already taken (Medical Savings Account). It appears that the solution is to bring in the other A. In a recent liability set-aside approval letter out of the Philadelphia regional office, the acronym LMSAA was used throughout and can only be assumed to be a proactive implementation of things to come. So while that mystery may finally be solved, will we ever find out what happened to the other M???