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Medicare Set-Aside Blog on July 2, 2012
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Today is the official start of the new WCRC contract. Anyone dreading a phone call with Pat or Michael today, you can put your fears aside. Those days are over. Now of course there is some comfort in the devil you know but seriously, at this point, I’ll take my chances. We’ve just received some of their last truly baseless counters and they will not be missed.

What do we have to look forward to? The new contractor seems to have heard of workers’ compensation before so there’s an improvement. Rumor has it that evidence based medicine might be on the table as well. Whatever it is, the thing most likely to happen is that CMS will hold this contractor to its statement of work, meaning if nothing else, improved turn around times. [If you haven’t seen it, statement of work can be found here.

If you have not received a CMS approval letter in the past few months, you will want to know that the new phone number is 855-280-3550. All mailing addresses remain the same (that contractor still has a job). Good luck to us all!