G&L brings home #50 for the MSP Industry. Parade scheduled.

Medicare Set-Aside Blog on August 15, 2012
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Gould and Lamb, “the global leader in MSP compliance services” and “the authority on MSP education and resources,” is now a “Top 100 Recommended Insurance Industry Expert to follow on Twitter.” So sayeth the “highly respected entrepreneur and social media guru” Evan Carmichael of www.evancarmichael.com fame.

Point of interest – Did you know Evan Carmichael was a pioneer in the creation of entrepreneur trading cards? I would give anything for a 2010 Deborah Pfeifle rookie card to display with my 2001 John Williams and 2006 Ken Paradis. I’ll trade a signed original of my rare 2004 minor league card and throw in a case of soon to be discontinued 2013 Tom Ashes if anyone is looking for a trade.

By the rankings, Gould and Lamb (#50) is within tweeting distance of venerable insurance expert Pet Insurance (#48) and solidly more ingrained in the fabric of social media than new comer Pet Pro (#72). And like the Olympics (where Algeria, Uganda, Grenada, the Bahamas and Venezuela tied for #50) it’s an honor just to be invited, give your best effort and represent yourself with dignity and class.

To see why G&L was awarded this “illustrious” honor and to help them battle Pet Insurance for social media mindshare, follow them on Twitter @gouldandlamb.


P.S. Truth be told I am not much of a Twitter user or follower. I simply can’t condense my thoughts into 140 characters. Although I’m definitely going to begin following @PetsInsurance.