Update: Upcoming Enhancement to the WCMSAP for Prescription Drug Information Rolling Out On October 6, 2014

CMS, Medicare Set-Aside Blog, MSP News, News and Events on September 23, 2014
Posted by Louis Jordan

CMS issued an alert last month indicating that a new enhancement to the WCMSA portal for prescription drug treatment would be forthcoming.   Yesterday, CMS issued an additional alert confirming that this new feature will be available as of October 6, 2014.  A new training document, with images, showing the upcoming enhancement to the portal is now also available in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page of the CMS website found here.  Based upon the images provided within the training document, a new tab will be available in the WCMSA portal, which will specifically address prescription drugs, and allow for prescription drug entry.  The CMS-issued document indicates that entry of prescription drug information will be required by users prior to submission.  Users will be able to select a Redbook drug lookup tool to find the correct prescription drug.  Users will then enter details about the prescription medications, including drug frequencies, and the WCMSA portal page will calculate the total for the medication(s).  This new feature will also enable users to obtain additional details for any prescription drugs selected, such as historical pricing.  Interestingly, one of our previous questions regarding this new enhancement may have been answered, as the training document seems to indicate that users will not be able to select a limited duration for medications.   Although, historically, CMS has not provided for limited duration of use for medications, we were hopeful that this new feature would mean that CMS would now consider and apply limited durations of use.  It appears that the number of years a user will enter when entering the prescription information will be based upon the life expectancy.  The alert also indicates that an updated user manual for the WCMSAP will be available as of October 6, 2014.