Possible furloughs for the Social Security Administration in the future?

Medicare Set-Aside Blog, Social Security on August 12, 2016
Posted by Jean S. Goldstein, JD, CMSP

There’s been talk and chatter about the possibility of Social Security Offices and staff being furloughed in the near future.  Nearly three years ago, in 2013, we experienced the government shut down, and extreme delays in the processing of everything from CMS’ review of Medicare Set Asides to Social Security Verifications.  Should furloughs occur in the near future, the Social Security Administration offices will be closed, thereby delaying Social Security Benefit Verifications.  Unfortunately, this will likely impact the impressive turnaround time we currently see with Social Security Verifications, and of course for Claimants, the processing of their Social Security Disability benefits, which are often already delayed.  Currently we experience an average 25 day turnaround time across the country for Social Security Verifications, with some offices experiencing longer turnaround times, likely due to less office staff in those offices.  Unfortunately, furloughs of the Social Security Administration will adversely affect our clients in obtaining resolution for their cases.  As such, we are continuously monitoring the outlook and distinct possibility of this in the near future.