No WCRC Award Announcement… Does This Mean Business As Usual?

CMS, Medicare Set-Aside Blog, MSP News, WCRC on July 5, 2017
Posted by Jean S. Goldstein, JD, CMSP

With the 4th of July holiday, we allowed for some additional time for news of the Workers’ Compensation Review Contractor (WCRC) contract award to be announced.  As you know, last week, we were anxiously awaiting the announcement.  We were hopeful that this morning, we would wake up to the news that the award had been announced.  However, here we are, on July 5th, 5 days after the award announcement was scheduled to be made- with no news.

So, for now, it’s business as usual. Currently, turnaround time after submitting an MSA for review and approval averages approximately 14 days.  From past experience, we know turnaround times are likely to increase during any transition from one contractor to another.  The last time the WCRC contract was awarded we also experienced a significant increase in developments.  For those of our clients who continue to utilize CMS’ voluntary submission and review process this is good news- in that we can expect to see the same turnaround times and same trends, at least for now.

We will continue to monitor the WCRC contract award status, and provide an update just as soon as any announcement has been made.