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Is an MSA Technically a Trust?

Medicare Set-Aside Blog, Medicare Set-Asides, MSA Administration, MSP News on November 17, 2016
Posted by Jennifer Jordan, JD, MSCC

In the early days of Medicare set-asides, we used to see the word “trust” thrown around quite freely. But from a legal perspective, the word trust carries very specific legal connotations that people didn’t want attached to MSAs, so little by little we saw the use of the word disappear. If professionally administered, you will […] Continue

Updates Added to the WCMSA Reference Guide

CMS, Medicare Set-Aside Blog, MSA Administration on February 1, 2016
Posted by Jean S. Goldstein, JD, CMSP

An updated and revised WCMSA reference guide has been issued. The revised guide, version 2.4, can be found here. The revised WCMSA reference guide only has one update, which specifically addresses ongoing responsibility for medicals (ORM) recovery activities.  Specifically, the updated guide notes that “[i]f Medicare is pursuing recovery from the WC insurer, the beneficiary, […] Continue

Improperly Exhausted MSA by Sister while Claimant in Jail not Dischargeable in Sister’s Bankruptcy

Commentary, Medicare Set-Aside Blog, Medicare Set-Asides, MSA Administration on March 13, 2014
Posted by Jennifer Jordan, JD, MSCC

That got your attention, didn’t it? This is an argument against self-administration that no one is really giving proper consideration. The story goes like this: Stephen Hubanks was an appliance serviceman for GE in the late 1990s when he suffered a back injury and ended up on comp. Admirably he was able to return to […] Continue