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CMS Quietly Proposing Adjustments to Future Medicaid Recovery Processes

CMS, Medicaid, Medicare Set-Aside Blog, News and Events, Work Comp on June 4, 2015 | Posted by Erin O'Neill, PA-C, JD

As noted in our previous post entitled “Medicaid Recoveries and Workers’ Compensation” it appears that Medicaid recovery efforts in workers’ compensation claims have begun in certain states. While it was uncommon in the past for worker’s compensation claimants to also be entitled to Medicaid, with the Medicaid expansion provided by the Affordable Care Act, greater […] Continue

Medicaid Recoveries and Workers’ Compensation

Medicaid, Medicare Set-Aside Blog, News and Events, Work Comp on June 3, 2015 | Posted by Jennifer Jordan, JD, MSCC

Let the games begin. It was recently reported to me that TPAs throughout the State of Kentucky were blanketed with “we understand that you may be responsible” letters for a number of state Medicaid recipients also on workers’ compensation. Don’t panic but we are about to embark on a whole new world of government bureaucracy […] Continue

10th Amendment Victory or Texas Justice?

CMS, Commentary, Medicare, Medicare Set-Aside Blog, MSP Litigation, Work Comp on May 15, 2013 | Posted by Jennifer Jordan, JD, MSCC

On May 14, 2013, the much awaited 5th Circuit appellate decision was filed in Caldera v. The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania (ICPS), finding in favor of state workers’ compensation law over the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. As a reminder since it has been considerable time since the original decision, this case involved […] Continue