Our Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) solution gets cases settled.

The MEDVAL approach – proprietary, completely integrated, and focused on in-depth medical
review and attorney oversight – offers our clients simple, cost-effective settlement solutions for
even their most complex cases:

  • With full MSP compliance
  • For the right price
  • Providing the best protection for all parties involved

For nearly a decade, MEDVAL has been defining a higher standard in the way Medicare Set-Aside
Arrangements (MSA) are prepared and integrated into workers’ compensation and personal injury
settlements. Through long experience, we have learned that every case benefits from individual
attention by professionals trained in medicine, claims, and the law. Our average employee has more
than 15 years of experience in his or her respective discipline and has personally prepared hundreds
if not thousands of MSA.
Approaches that utilize one-size-fits-all formulas, assembly line processing, or outsourcing to less
experienced contractors have no place at MEDVAL.
There is simply no substitute for our relevant experience and personal commitment to your success.
Among the best in the nation.
For our clients who wish to utilize the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
voluntary* review program, we are one of the most successful firms in the country at getting
CMS to voluntarily change its positions in favor of our clients.
We start with a thorough analysis of your case – making sure it is compliant with all current
protocols – then advocate for its approval.
When disputes arise, we support our submitted materials with the full weight of our legal and
medical staff.
MEDVAL advocates have saved our clients millions of dollars by developing reasonable and defensible
MSA allocations and backing our position with solid medical and legal evidence. We’ll be happy to
share with you numerous examples of how we successfully challenged CMS’ contractor, the Workers
Compensation Review Center (WCRC) and influenced decision makers at the CMS regional offices.
The CMS approval process is voluntary and not required by any law or statute. Find out where
and when it’s appropriate for your needs by requesting our white paper at info@medval.com.