Drug Utilization Assessment

Do you have a case where medications are out of control, over-prescribed, or problematic? We have the solution.

Our clinical experts—a team of Pharmacists, Board Certified Specialists, Physician Assistants, and experienced Nurse Case Managers—will evaluate, develop, and implement a Drug Utilization Assessment (DUA). Combining our clinical expertise and strong knowledge of MSP compliance, our team can provide the analysis and focused intervention you need to ensure a successful outcome, allowing you to get ahead of the case.

The Specifics:

The DUA is:

  • a review of a Claimant’s current medication regimen and treatment plans;
  • a review of the medical necessity and appropriateness of a medication, or group of medications;
  • a review of all recommendations for future prescription regimens, and detailed analysis of MEDVAL experts’ recommended plans, including weaning protocols;
  • an analysis of the future timeframe over which the medication(s) are likely to be used vs. over the claimant’s entire life expectancy; and
  • an analysis prepared by our clinicians, which includes a detailed breakdown of all medications, and complete cost savings plan consistent with all jurisdictional opportunities.

The Benefits:

  • Average estimated savings of 40+%
  • Use of evidence-based guidelines to review and explain all recommended treatment
  • Ability to get your claim under control before the MSA and/or CMS submission
  • Understanding of medications, contraindications, and alternative treatment options
  • Control claim costs through proactive claims management
  • Ability to streamline a process to wean, taper, and discontinue medications
  • Peer-to-peer consultations, negotiation, and agreement

Referrals for a Drug Utilization Assessment can be made via our secure online referral site at: https://www.medval.com/online-referral/ or via email to: [email protected].