Lien Resolution Services

Healthcare liens can be challenging, given the investigation, consultation and need for a thorough working knowledge of a variety of recovery processes. That’s where we can help – with our experienced team of clinical, legal, and claims professionals, MEDVAL will advocate on your behalf to make sure you can settle your claim through an expedited lien resolution process.

MEDVAL has developed a comprehensive, streamlined approach enabling you to mitigate and reduce your costs.  Year to date, MEDVAL’s lien resolution team has provided an average savings of 93% per claim.

What You Need to Know:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid, Military/Governmental Healthcare Providers, and Private Insurers aggressively pursue their liens with a priority right approach to recovery.
  • Special attention must be given to all conditional payment correspondence to ensure the correct debtor is responsible for the conditional payments.
  • There are time limits identified in all conditional payment correspondence, and these must be strictly followed.
  • Improper or untimely handling of these processes can lead to significant, unnecessary costs, and delays in settlement.

Claims We Can Help With:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Part D (Pharmacy) Plans
  • Medicaid/MediCal
  • Veteran’s Administration
  • Cases involving Workers’ Compensation or Liability (including self-insurance)

Referrals for lien resolution services can be made via our secure online referral site at: or via email to: [email protected]