Pre-MSA Triage Assessment

Do you have a case with complex treatment issues and multiple medications that is headed for an eventual MSA?  If so, obtaining an MSA without addressing alternative treatment and medication plans could prove very costly. Especially when submitting such a case to CMS for review…the chances of a significant counter-higher increase ten-fold.

To avoid this consequence, we recommend a preliminary review of your file, utilizing our Pre-MSA Triage Assessment Service (PTA).  This assessment is designed to identify and address any significant issues that are likely to lead to a costly allocation, negatively impact your settlement and result in a poor outcome of your case.

What You Get:

  • A tool which identifies and addresses all claim cost drivers to help get ahead of the claim;
  • Intervention to help get your claim in order, and reduce future risk and exposure;
  • Methods to control the costs of claims through proactive claims management; and
  • Efficient and cost-effective conversion to a formal Medicare Set-Aside.

Referrals for a Pre-MSA Triage Assessment can be made via our secure online referral site at: or via email to: [email protected]