Full Service Professional Administration

Simplifying The Complex.

The intricacies of Medicare and managing a Medicare Set-Aside arrangement can be confusing, time consuming, frustrating, and exhausting. The responsibilities imposed by CMS on claimants can even prevent some from agreeing to resolve their claims.

Highly Attentive Administration Can Help.

We offer full service and highly attentive administration of MSA accounts, providing even the most sophisticated claimant with confidence that his or her claim is being handled expeditiously and appropriately.

Here is a partial list of the services MEDVAL offers as part of our full service professional administration:

  • Custodial Agreement Preparation and Circulation: We coordinate drafting with the claimant/plaintiff and defense counsel.
  • MSA Safeguarding: We will make certain that MSA funds are preserved and used only for related medical expenses covered by Medicare.
  • Bill Review and Payment: MEDVAL pays providers at the appropriate rate as established in the custodial agreement, while ensuring the service is related to the injury and eligible for Medicare coverage.
  • Rate Negotiation: We interact with medical providers so that their payment expectations fit within the parameters of the appropriate fee schedule, minimizing the chance of additional payment demands to the claimant/plaintiff.
  • Prescription Drug Program: Our mail-order program, MEDVAL Rx offers tremendous savings compared to most national chains and can further extend the life of the MSA account. We also have a network of local pharmacies available.
  • Full Service Cost Containment: MEDVAL maintains cost containment programs for prescriptions, durable medical equipment and supplies, and hospital PPO networks, maximizing the value of the MSA account for the claimant/plaintiff.
  • Annual Accounting Report: MEDVAL provides a detailed annual accounting of the MSA to both the claimant/plaintiff and the BCRC for review.
  • Account Depletion/Premature Exhaustion: Should the MSA account become properly depleted, MEDVAL will assist the claimant/plaintiff by contacting Medicare to resume benefits through Medicare.

For pricing, additional information, or to enroll in this program, please contact us at 877-MSA-ADMIN (877-672-2364) or custodial@medval.com.