Medical Custodial Administration

You’ve Settled Indemnity. Now what?

There may be various reasons you are unable to settle the future medical component of your claim–whether it is a jurisdictional restriction, the injured worker’s unwillingness or fear of settling the medical portion of a claim, or other obstacles that continually impede settlement, we have the solution.

MEDVAL can assist in these situations–and bring you the resolution you are seeking, while simultaneously assisting the claimant by wholly managing and maintaining the allocation of funds after the settlement.

How It Works:

  • MEDVAL acts as an objective third party responsible for medical and pharmacy payments to healthcare providers, and manages the administration of the medical allocation account.
  • MEDVAL will complete a future cost projection and provide a calculation of the necessary medical treatment the injured party would likely require post settlement;
  • Funds recommended would be placed into an account post settlement;
  • The injured worker continues to treat as necessary; and
  • MEDVAL handles all aspects of the treatment, just as the payer would while the claim was open.

The Benefits:

  • Closure of the file by the carrier, assisting in payer’s ability to reduce reserves and eliminate future costs;
  • Claim administration savings in time for both the carrier and injured worker;
  • Allows injured worker to self direct care and facilitate physician changes at will;
  • Prescriptions and treatment ‘Card Program’ for automatic cost savings to injured worker; and
  • Our experts are available to answer all questions and address all concerns from the injured worker regarding treatment.

Referrals for medical custodial administration can be made via our secure online referral site at: or via email to: online[email protected]