MEDVAL offers two levels of Self-Administration support services (by request):

Level 1:   Complimentary Self-Administration Help and Support

This service is available to any person whose MSA report was produced by MEDVAL.   We provide access to a 25-page assistance guide along with 12 instances of telephonic or email help for a period of one year.  This program contains all of the basic information needed to get started and properly track the usage of MSA funds.  We also provide a copy of the MSA report and CMS approval letter (if applicable) which supplies additional necessary information.  Sign in below to access this program.

Level 2:  Comprehensive Self-Administration Help and Support

This service is available to any person who is self-administering their MSA funds, no matter which company produced the MSA report.  We provide a personal, HIPAA-secure web-page for each user which contains an electronic MSA tracking sheet, access to sample letters and other resources, as well as the opportunity to enroll in a no-charge post-settlement pharmacy and durable medical equipment program from which items can be directly paid from the MSA account simplifying the accounting process.  The web-page also includes a calendar function for tracking medical appointments, and a host of other resources for researching and pricing Medicare-covered medical treatment.  In addition, we offer unlimited telephonic and email support for the duration of the program along with a 65-page user guide.   This service is available in 1, 3, and 5-year programs.   For pricing or additional information, please contact us at 888-SET-ASIDE.


For access to our Level 1 Service, please sign in below: