MEDVAL offers two MSA self-administration programs as noted below.

Complimentary Self-Administration Help and Support

This service is available to any injured party whose MSA report was produced by MEDVAL by request.  We will provide the injured party with an instruction guide and 12 instances of telephonic or email help during the first year following the settlement date. This program contains all of the basic information needed to get started and properly track the usage of MSA funds.

Comprehensive Self-Administration Help Services

This service is available to any person who would like detailed assistance with their MSA account.  Services include, but are not limited to, access to a post-settlement pharmacy/DME discount card program, unlimited telephonic/email help, sample annual attestation reports, and help with billing questions.  These services are provided for an annual fee, and we find that with one year most individuals are able to get the head start they need to manage their funds correctly for the duration of their MSA term.

To enroll in one of the above self-administration programs or for more information, please contact us at 877-MSA-ADMIN (877-672-2364) or