Settlement Demand Review

One of the many challenges insurers are faced with is resolving claims timely and accurately —while also minimizing the expenses necessary to resolve a claim.  Assessing past medical expenses and applying an accurate assessment to future costs is key in settling a case. Our organization and analysis of the demand package creates a roadmap for the claims adjuster to process, strategize and negotiate faster.

Translate the complex to simple.  

With MEDVAL’s Settlement Demand Review service, our clients can execute a better settlement strategy, resulting in lower costs and timely settlements.  A Settlement Demand Review is a report that evaluates the medical and legal circumstances of a claim.  It provides a snapshot picture of the claim and serves as a helpful tool to determine and predict the value of medical expenses in a claim.

Our settlement demand review services include:

  • A Detailed Summary Report Prepared by the MEDVAL Team Comprised of Experienced Legal, Medical, Claims and Billing Professionals, including Dual Degreed JD/RNs
  • Organization of Medical Records, Bills, and All Other Reports Submitted to Support the Demand
  • Chronological Medical Record Review and Summarization
  • Identification of Co-Morbidities and Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Assessment of Recommended Treatments Against the Standards of Evidenced Based Medicine
  • Thorough Review of Past Medical Bills to Verify Causal Connection to the Injury

Referrals for a Settlement Demand Review can be made via our secure online referral site at: or via email to: [email protected]