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The nation’s first fully integrated MSA solution.

MEDVAL provides pre-settlement and post-settlement services for high-exposure workers’ compensation and liability claims that require Medicare’s interests to be protected pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1395y(b)(2)

MEDVAL maintains three fully-staffed production offices in Columbia, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Irvine, California, providing nationwide coverage and full service in real time.

MEDVAL was the first firm in the nation to offer a fully-integrated, single source solution for the Medicare Set-Aside process from the initial Medicare Set-Aside evaluation to the administration of the MSA funds. Today, we remain the only firm in the nation that can handle all aspects of the pre- and post-settlement MSA process in-house. Moreover, no other firm in the industry can support its own Medicare Set-Aside recommendations with internally obtained rated ages and annuity funding options with the degree of expertise MEDVAL offers.

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